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Technopolis At A Glance

We have prepared a two-part content on Technopolis and TTO for you to be informed quickly about Ankara University Technopolis. We hope you enjoy reading about us.

About Us

Ankara University Technopolis was established on May 14, 2007, and companies within Technopolis have started R&D activities as of August 1, 2009


Square Meter Suitable for Area For Construction


Square Meter Covered Area



The Strength of the University Empowers Technopolis

Ankara University incorporates the essential infrastructure of, particularly in the field of Life Sciences, Turkey’s most powerful Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Faculties as well as the Pharmacy and Dentistry Faculties.






Vocational Schools


Research Centers



Featured Institutes and Centers of Our University

With Ankara University’s 18 Faculties, 14 Institutes, 11 Vocational Schools, 49 research Centers and over 4000 Researchers incorporating all the scientific infrastructure in social sciences, health sciences fields and sciences relevant to the needs of the society, we are ready for work.

  • Biotechnology Institute
  • Brain Research Center
  • Accelerator Technologies Institute
  • Stem Cell Institute
  • Umbilical Cord Bank
  • Radiopharmaceutical R&D Facility
  • Medical Design Application and Research Center
  • Intelligent Systems Application Center

Gölbaşı Campus

The construction of the “New Incubation Center and R&D Building” for Technopolis-Gölbaşı Campus that started in 2017 has a closed area of 4224 square meters. It was completed and started to be used in 2018. In this territory of the region, the construction  of an “Ear, Nose and Throat Anatomy Center” has reached its final stage in a 1000 Square meters of area built with the build-use-transfer model for the establishment and development of dissection, plasticine, morphology and distance education laboratories for the training and education of ear-nose-throat, head and neck and skull base surgery. This Center is set to be operational in the spring of.


New Incubation Center and R&D Building


Ear, Nose, and Throat Anatomy Center


Build-Use-Transfer Model

Agriculture, Livestock and Food Center

In order to turn the strength of its overlapping vision with Ankara University to a benefit, Ankara University  Technopolis has given priority to the “Life Sciences” field  and has turned to specialization in these topics. Within the frame of this vision in 2017, Thematic Technopolis has passed the first thematic areas of activity in livestock and food and has started activities under the title of “Agriculture, Livestock and Food Center”. The studies on thematic structuring in the field of health are continuing at full speed.

Agriculture, Livestock and Food Center

The AgriGenomik Center, which is eligible for support within the scope of the European Union Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) Program, aims to provide consultancy support to SMEs in order to provide R&D competence, to create laboratory R&D areas to produce new ideas and technologies and in particular, for these laboratories -within the thematic areas- to provide service as a platform for concept verification stage tests and to provide accredited test and analysis services for certification. A special incubation program for these sectors will be designed and implemented in Ankara University Food-Agriculture-Livestock Supplementary Area along with the Center, which will be an infrastructure preferred by the advanced entrepreneurs due to its ability to provide the necessary infrastructure for genome researches to be carried out in the Agriculture-Food-Livestock sectors. The Center, where tender processes and infrastructure installation are ongoing, is aimed to be operational at the end of 2020.


Software and Information Technologies


Agriculture, Livestock and Food Gıda

Medicine and Pharmacy

The companies generated approximately TL 220 million in revenue in 2019. The companies were entitled to receive over TL 35 million in financial aid from support mechanisms such as TUBITAK, and KOSGEB. Companies operating in 2019 have been provided with an exemption in the amount of TL 18 million within the scope of their R&D activities. Ankara University Technopolis has an occupancy rate of 99%.








Intellectual and Industrial Properties

Pre-Incubation Center

This Center serves entrepreneur candidates who have business ideas.

The  Pre-Incubation Center was renovated with the contributions of the Youth Entrepreneurship Governance Association and Tarnet Corporation and became operational in February of 2020. The Pre-Incubation Center, located on an area of approximately 200 Sqm, serves entrepreneur candidates with its modern interior architecture, training infrastructure, meeting desks, B2B meeting areas, unlimited internet infrastructure and many other technical facilities.  These candidates benefit from the Center free of charge in order to advocate entrepreneurship among Ankara University students.

Prototype Workshop

There is a Prototype Workshop open to entrepreneurs located in the Gölbaşı Campus. This workshop has an infrastructure suitable for the production of electronic, mechanical and biochemical prototypes. The Prototype Workshop that opened in 2018, established within the scope of the “Advanced Technology Product Commercialization Financial Support Program”, is rented on an hourly or daily basis and serves entrepreneurs within and from outside the region at affordable prices.

Examples of Outstanding R&D Studies

Examples of important R&D studies of the companies in Technopolis which operate with the motto of the Leading Technopolis in Life Sciences are listed below.


The IT Department and the R&D directorates related to the Satellite department operate at the Gölbaşı Campus premises. The “E-Government” project is a platform that has been developed and activated in the region and is appreciated by all our citizens. The company also supports the digitization processes of all public institutions and organizations and continues these activities in the region. In the satellite division, the team that developed the Turksat 6A satellite carries out R&D studies in our region. Because of  its considerable contribution to the regional ecosystem of the Turksat Corporation, a mini supply chain was established and cooperation was achieved with other companies operating in the region.


Biovalda Health Technologies, one of the  academic spin-off companies, has an important technological technique in biograft production with its patented and trademark registered product: HEMAGRAFT ®. HEMAGRAFT ® is a multipurpose, patented biograft platform produced by use of human blood, with regenerative properties and compatibility with blood and tissue. It can be produced in the hardness or flexibility required by the different types of tissues targeted to be repaired, in the desired size, form, geometry, porosity and composition. HEMAGRAFT ® Biovalda Health Technologies Corporation was designed and developed in a four -year period.


The Yonca Technologies is a company that has been operating in the region for many years has been developing Turkey’s first national indigenous and soil moisture sensors. Due to the functionality of the product which targets significant productivity increase in agriculture with underground analysis, an intervention and a support mechanism can be formed by the farmers prior to plants being placed under stress.


Another enterprise operating in the field of agriculture, Trimail Biological Agriculture, has developed a completely natural method that will minimize the use of harmful drugs such as pesticides in agriculture. The company, which aims to use beneficial insects in the fight against harmful parasites and insects, has come a long way on this topic. The company, which successfully produces organisms named Ephestia kuehniella and Trichogramma evanescens, increases its market share in the ecological agriculture field.


RFTR located in our Technopolis, is a company that has experience in the design and production stages of electronic warfare, radar and communication amplifiers that can reach kilowatt power levels in a wide variety of frequency bands, is comprised of a team that has designed and prototyped card and component levels in the field of power amplifier systems in leading defense industry companies for more than ten years.


It is a Turkish-Korean partnership established to produce radiopharmaceuticals  and to conduct R&D studies in this field. It is the only company in the region that has production at international standards in terms of quality and technology levels. Kamrusepa-Samyoung is  an international partnership established in order to bring the standards of our country to the international level by meeting the needs of the users in the safest and  fastest way with its high quality service. In order to complete the product portfolio in the field of radiopharmacy, cooperation with the local industry is ongoing.


INSEFISH Water Products, with its original production of bug flour, is the first company in Turkey that has formulated and developed superior quality aquarium fish feed. Our R&D and production team also carries out special formulas for feed and production for customer demand besides powder, granule and pellet feeds for fish such as tropical species, cichlid species and stingrays. The quality of our products is controlled by laboratory tests and analysis at every stage.


RefGen Biotechnology is a biotechnology company that aims to conduct R&D studies on life sciences in Turkey by developing products that can be used in molecular research methods and adding high value to our country’s economy as a result.