There are many programs that help ventures in their early stages to stay in existence, thrive and grow. Pre-Incubation and Incubation programs are structures that support entrepreneurs develop their business ideas. The general purpose of these programs is to transform and to develop business ideas into venture companies with healthy income models and to increase their chances of success.

If entrepreneurs who want to bring their business idea to life but who may not have the sufficient financial means, expertise and/or experience can benefit from these programs. Entrepreneur candidates applying for these programs are supported in a variety of subjects as long as they meet the necessary requirements. For entrepreneurs starting to operate under the Incubation or Pre-Incubation Centers, consultancy services within their relevant sector will be provided. For technical topics, academics and experts will provide ideas and information support. Additionally, services such as internet, telephone, fax, water, heat,electricity and laboratories are provided at no or low cost for the entrepreneur candidates utilizing these centers.  Pre-Incubation companies are also provided with opportunities to be introduced to companies with success stories and to participate in motivational activities and training for further encouragement.

What is Pre-Incubation?

It is an accelerated progression phase that consists of three phases and various services to provide the support potential entrepreneurs may need in their business idea, business model and business development plan processes in order to increase their chances of establishing a successful start-up. Entrepreneurs who start their activities in the Pre-Incubation Center can advance to the incubation stage if their ventures are successful.

Ankara University  Technopolis Pre-Incubation Center

Ankara University completed the groundwork for the Pre-Incubation Center infrastructure in 2014 and has reserved 90m2 area for entrepreneurs who are in the Pre-Incubation stage. As of 2020, improvements and expansion of the Pre-Incubation area will be completed and the entrepreneurs who currently use the area will be able to network with more ease, can work longer hours and can exhibit their creativity. Entrepreneurs in the Pre-Incubation Center will also be able to utilize the Ankara University Technopolis Prototype Workshop free of charge, where they can quickly prototype their business ideas.

The purpose of our center is to accelerate the maturation of the innovative and technological ideas of business owners who want to step into entrepreneurship in the Ankara ecosystem, and their commercialization, in a successful way by providing the necessary support. In this context, regular activities are held to bring angel investors and business people together with entrepreneurs who have matured their business ideas.

Selection of Persons and Projects to be included in the Pre-Incubation Program

All creative entrepreneur candidates with an innovative and technological business idea

(Ankara University students and academicians will be exempt from any service or rental fees from the Pre-Incubation Center)

  • Applications for the Pre-Incubation are submitted in the form of project proposals of business ideas and business plans.
  • Applications can be done by an individual or a group of entrepreneurs.
  • A person in the Pre-Incubation unit cannot be a member of more than one entrepreneur group. Applications of entrepreneur groups whose members appear to be members of more than one group will not be accepted.
  • An evaluation is made on the innovative and technological commercialization of business ideas and the competence of the team.

You can apply to our Pre-Incubation program throughout the year. You can fill out  your application form online by going to Ankara University Pre-Incubation website http://www.ankarateknokent.com/on-kulucka/


Project proposals are reviewed by the mentors. Projects that are determined to be viable based on examinations and evaluations are entitled to take place in the Ankara Technopolis Pre-incubation Center. If the decision is negative, the entrepreneur is informed as soon as possible.



Following the pre-evaluation process, the entrepreneur candidates are included in a Pre-Incubation program that consists of three different phases that consists of training, mentoring and consultancy services. Upon the successful completion of this Pre-incubation program, the candidates will have the opportunity to make presentations and receive investments in the Ankara University Technopolis investor network. At the end of the program, successful entrepreneurs will be given the opportunity to apply for support programs for ease in commercialization.


The aim of the first phase is to determine the pre-feasibility of the business idea that the entrepreneur is accepted for by meeting with potential customers, competitors and other stakeholders and making sure that the business model is set up correctly.  Entrepreneur candidates who start the program meet and are met by stakeholders in their relevant sector within the framework of a specific plan. Along with one on one mentoring and training on business model building, they receive consultancy support on basic entrepreneurship


Upon completing the first phase successfully, the entrepreneur moves to the second phase and attempts to obtain a prototype by making use of the technical development of the business idea that he revised and decided upon.

In this phase, various training methods on technical concept verification, production methods and development will be provided to the entrepreneur candidates. In addition to these training methods, the development processes of entrepreneurs will be closely monitored and common solutions will be developed with one on one mentorships. At this stage, our entrepreneur candidates will have the opportunity to transform their ideas into design and their designs into tangible physical products by using the Prototype Workshop free of charge. For entrepreneurs who will develop software, Technopolis companies will be able to use various opportunities to test their software.


Entrepreneurs who successfully prototype their products in the second phase will aim to access the market, the pre-financing and the investor networks. The goal for these entrepreneurs who complete this phase successfully in which they receive training on topics  such as preparing business plans, information about support programs, and presentation techniques is to commercialize their business ideas and to graduate from the Pre-Incubation program to the Incubation Program.

The Ones

Who Succeed

  • Our entrepreneurs who have successfully completed the Pre-Incubation program will have the opportunity to present to the investor network of Ankara University Technopolis.
  • Entrepreneur candidates who complete the Pre-Incubation process are directed to the national or international support funds or to investors to develop their business plans. Entrepreneur candidates who are entitled to receive support from the relevant investors start using the Incubation Center Workshops.
  • Weekly and monthly follow-up of the entrepreneur candidates in the Pre-Incubation program is carried out by the Pre-Incubators. If there are deviations from the business idea process, the necessary interventions are made to regain control of the process.  All entrepreneurs who are in the same phase in the Pre-Incubation program must meet every two weeks at a determined day and time to share their experiences and plans for the next two weeks. Pre-Incubation programs of entrepreneurs who do not attend three meetings without a valid reason will be terminated. The attendees for these monitoring meetings of each phase that is composed of mentors, competent educators and entrepreneurs who have had success will be determined by the Pre-Incubation rep.
  • Entrepreneur candidates in the Pre-Incubation program submit their development reports to the Pre-Incubator at the end of each phase. The mentors and the Pre-Incubator evaluate the status of the entrepreneur and determine the continuation of the current phase or the transition to the next phase. At the end of the second phase, the entrepreneur must present his prototype in working condition.

Opportunities Provided For The Entrepreneurs İn The Pre-Incubation Center


The use of open office space


Required technical infrastructure facilities


Opportunity to benefit from the use of prototype workshop (use of design programs, 3D printer and 3D scanner)


Training, education, consultancy and mentoring support


Project design support for applications to support programs that can provide funding


Access to Ankara University Technopolis investor network


Investor presentations