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The Incubation Centers target to accelerate the establishment of technology-based companies, encourage technical enterprises, increase the life and growth rates of new technology-based enterprises, help the development of the economy by creating continuing and qualified jobs, and to help the efficient use of resources, which is the focal point of the government in promoting technological developments.

Technoparks and incubation centers work relatedly. Incubation centers nurture new born firms whereas Technoparks (engaged with university research centers) create suitable enviroment to support those growing firms.

Incubation Programs

Building Field of Operation

Market analysis & commercialization

IPR Management

Product Prototyping & Testing

Investor Pitching Support

The incubation stages for establishing a limited company


Make an agreement with an ‘Independent accountant and financial advisor’ in the field.

Make an agreement with an ‘Independent accountant and financial advisor’ in the field.

Adressing is done in the related campus with a temporary rental agreement with Technopolis.

Noterization of the Master agreement

Open a commercial account, and only for limited companies; deposit ¼ of the capital in to account and tie up-block (min. 2.500 Turkish Liras)

Establishment licence to be obtained from Ankara Chamber of Commerce

Put an advertisement on Trade Registry Gazette.

Noterization of the of the firm’s signature circular to be issued on behalf of the authorized person.

Tax Office to be notified for business commencement and survey.

Permanent rental agreement to be signed with Technopolis

In order to remove the blockage on the commercial account , the Establishment License obtained from Ankara Chamber of Commerce is taken to bank, the firm information to be updated

An accounting contract to be signed with ‘Independent accountant and financial advisor’ for a year

A one year accounting contract is signed with the independent accountant financial advisor.