Who can apply to Ankara University Technopolis?

Companies that conduct R&D and Software projects can apply to Ankara University Technopolis.

How do you apply to Ankara University Technopolis?

Ankara University Technopolis Administrator Inc. conducts a preliminary interview with the companies and entrepreneurs who want to take part in Technopolis about their requests and projects prior to receiving their actual applications. During these interviews, important points to be taken into consideration are discussed, and then the application will be made to the Ankara University Technopolis Administration with any other information that is requested in the attachment of the Ankara University Technopolis Application Form.

Is there a charge to apply to Ankara University Technopolis?

Applications are free of charge. Only an “R&D Evaluation fee” will be taken at the evaluation stage.

How are the applications evaluated and accepted?

The applications are evaluated by the Arbitration Committee made up of three experts in the company’s relevant field of activity and projects that are to be carried out in Ankara University Technopolis. The experts’ evaluation is submitted for approval to the Ankara University Technopolis Administration Inc. and Board of Directors. Based on the result of the arbitration committee’s evaluation and the decision of the Board of Directors, the firm can either be accepted fully, accepted conditionally or completely rejected. The quality of the R&D projects is the primary reason for preference for acceptance to Technopolis.

Who is in the Arbitration Committee?

The Arbitration Committee consists of experts in the field of the applicant company particularly in the proposed research and software development projects. It consists of faculty members from Ankara University. The identities of the members are not divulged to the companies for anonymity.

How long will application evaluations take?

The time frame for application evaluations is a maximum of 15 days from the submittal day of the forms. The entire process is completed within this period and the Technopolis Board of Directors’ decision is notified to the companies.

What happens when an application is not accepted?

There is no restriction to prevent companies whose applications are rejected from reapplying again.

Is it possible to book the office spaces in advance?

Advanced reservations are not allowed for office spaces prior to applying. However, spaces are allocated for companies whose applications are accepted after their evaluation and acceptance processes are complete.

What are the determining criteria for space allocation for companies that have been accepted?

The determination for space allocation to the companies is made according to criteria such as the nature of the R&D project, the added value it provides, its cooperation capacity with the university, the equipment to be utilized for the realization of the project as well as the required conditions for the execution of the project.

What features do the allocated offices have?

Companies accepted to Ankara University Technopolis are allocated office spaces furnished with all communication, internet and electricity infrastructures complete and ready to operate. If the company would like to make additional changes and/or additions, they may do so after obtaining the necessary permits providing they vacate the space in its original form.  The change requests must be submitted to Ankara University Technopolis Management Corporation as a project and approval must be obtained prior to proceeding with any changes.

What is the cost for an allocated space?

The rental fee and operating expenses for Ankara University Technopolis R&D office space are collected and updated each year according to the changes in costs at the beginning of each year.  Companies and entrepreneurs leasing office space in the region must contribute to the operating expenses for common areas such as water, heating, cleaning of parks and roads, security, general cleaning, garbage removal, disinfecting. Electricity and -if any- water consumption within the office area and other services such as telephone and data are not included in the operating expense.

What happens if an office space cannot be allocated immediately after the application is finalized?

In the event that an office space cannot immediately be allocated after the application process is complete, the request of the company will be re-listed according to the evaluation criteria of Ankara University Technopolis. If there is a suitable office space option available, the company will be allocated. The criteria considered as priority are the R&D quality of the project in order of: importance, university-industry cooperation that will be used during the execution of the project, international cooperation and cooperation between Ankara University Technopolis companies.

What is the length of lease agreements?

Leases are made for one year depending on the duration of the projects specified in the application forms.

What are the tax advantages provided under the Technology Development Zones Law?

There are tax exemptions that are provided to companies that are allowed to operate in the zone under the Technology Development Zones Law. (i) The wages of the R&D staff, research staff and software staff working in the zone are exempt from income tax until December 31, 2023. (ii) Revenues from R&D and software development activities conducted exclusively in the region are exempt from income tax (income tax for real persons) until December 31, 2023. (iii) The delivery and services of entrepreneurs operating in the region in the form of system management, data management, business applications, sectoral, internet, mobile and military command control application software that are produced in these regions during the period of exemption from income or corporate taxes are also exempt from VAT.

How are tax exemptions audited?

The Ministry of Finance General Directorate of Revenues and the relevant Tax Office are responsible for the audit of tax exemption declarations of the companies operating in the region. General issues regarding tax auditing are valid for activities in the region.

Are companies obliged to cooperate with Ankara University, faculty members or students in projects?

Companies are expected to cooperate with the university since the main objective of the establishment of the zone is to strengthen university-industry cooperation in research and technology development projects.

What should companies that want to work with faculty members do?

Companies that want to work with faculty members in projects must contact the head of the relevant department to identify the faculty members working on relevant subjects. Collaboration between faculty members and Ankara University Technopolis companies is only possible after the approval of the University Executive Board. In order to be submitted for the approval of the University, a “Faculty Member Appointment Letter” must be submitted to the relevant Faculty Dean. After the approval from the university is obtained, the company is informed by the Ankara University Technopolis  Administration regarding the assignment of the faculty member to the project.

Is it required to move the company headquarters to the region in order to start operating in Ankara University Technopolis?

The headquarters of the company does not need to be located in the region. However, the R&D and software office in the region must possess the “workplace” quality according to the Turkish Commercial Code. For companies whose headquarters are not located within the boundaries of Ankara province, regional offices must have branches in order to fulfill this requirement.